Our team is on a mission: enhancing recruitment efficiency with data

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Founded in 2023, Kini specialises in streamlining data workflows for talent channels, multiposters and ATS systems, specifically addressing the needs of the global recruitment industry.
Through efficient integration processes, our team has increased its partners' savings to €120,000 per month - a figure that continues to grow.
"After experiencing complex recruitment integrations ourselves, Julia and I started Kini to streamline data sharing and pioneer data-driven recruitment."
Fabian Scheib, Co-Founder & CEO
Kini Founder

Our story: the birth of Kini

Julia and Fabian, the co-founders of Kini, met at JOIN.com, a leading European recruiting software provider. Through their shared experience of dealing with the complexities of building and maintaining recruiting integrations, they identified a critical need for simplification. Kini was born - an integration platform tailored to recruitment services, designed to streamline the flow of data.
Driven by the belief that seamless integrations are the foundation of data-driven recruiting, Julia and Fabian envision a future where efficiency improves the lives of candidates, recruiters and everyone involved in the hiring process. With Kini, they're committed to changing the recruiting landscape one integration at a time.
Julia + Fabian

Our core values

Our commitment to support knows no bounds. We are there for our partners every step of the way, providing not only our exceptional products, but also expanding our network, sharing invaluable knowledge and providing deep market insight.
Taking ownership is in our DNA. When partners choose Kini, they know they can rely on us and our unwavering commitment to service excellence.
Authenticity is our trademark. We believe in being true to ourselves and to our partners. Honesty is our policy, even when delivering hard truths.
Recognising the uniqueness of each partner, we are flexible in our approach. Whether it's tailoring our products or adjusting our operations, we adapt to meet the diverse needs of our partners.
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