Welcome to a New Era: Qonexon is Now Kini! Streamlining Your Recruiting with Easier Integration, Pronunciation, and Memorability.
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Recruiting integrations made easy.

Enable seamless data flow between ATS, recruitment channels and multiposters through a single API.
Already integrated into 35+ systems around the world

Experience efficiency and savings with Kini's integration platform.

Save €25,000 monthly
Reduce monthly development costs by leveraging Kini's API, allowing your team to focus on core product development.
Your product team will be grateful
Boost conversion rate by 30%
Access pre-built integrations to quickly onboard new customers and empower your sales team to drive growth.
Your sales team will be grateful
Reduce cost per hire by €2,400
Enable candidates to apply via recruitment channels, increasing conversion rates and delighting your customers.
Your customers will be grateful

Simplify your integrations with Kini's unified interface.

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Job Sync
Easily access all client jobs via XML feeds or Kini API, reducing onboarding time.
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Candidate Sync
Send candidates directly to your client's ATS, streamlining the hiring process.
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Performance Insights
Use Kini's API to create bespoke performance dashboards to keep your campaigns on track.
Save time and integrate now.
Free integration setup for maximum flexibility

Unlock Endless Possibilities with Kini.

Empowering every recruiting service to offer seamless integrations.
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Maximilian Stengel Bild
Maximilian Stengel, Co-Founder CareerOS
"Thanks to Kini's integration platform, we're now saving €25,000 a month and offering a vastly improved experience to our users."
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Julian Stranzky, COO Eisenwerk1
"By integrating with Kini, we can finally onboard new customers in minutes instead of weeks."
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Alexander Nussbaum, CEO Breitseite
"Kini is a strategically important partner for us to enable QuickApply and create data clarity in the market."