Welcome to a New Era: Qonexon is Now Kini! Streamlining Your Recruiting with Easier Integration, Pronunciation, and Memorability.
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Synchronising candidates has never been easier.
Enable QuickApply and still allow your customers to manage all candidates in their ATS.
Your candidate has been synchronised sucessfully.
E-Mail integration
Simply forward candidate emails to Kini and we turn them into actionable API calls, streamlining the process for you.
Kini API
Use the unified Kini API to synchronise candidate information directly with your customers ATS for greater efficiency.
Additional services
Engage with Kini for customised solutions to extract candidate data from any platform you use, expanding your talent pool.

Enable seamless synchronisation of candidate data directly into any ATS.

Focus on core product
Leverage a single integration point for candidate synchronisation, minimising technical complexity and focusing on what matters most.
Improve job ad performance
Facilitate direct applications through job boards, improving the candidate experience, increasing conversion rates and maximising your ROI.
Safe recruiter ressources
Give your clients direct access to all candidates within their ATS, saving significant time and maintaining a comprehensive view of candidates.